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Shipping Police


Following receipt of payment and verification of the shipping address, we guarantee delivery within 3-6 working days for all of our products in stock in the continental United States.

Special orders must be sent to our manufacturers in Spain for production. This type of order has a delivery date of 8-10 weeks from the date of confirmation.

On rare occasions when inventory is unexpectedly depleted or in events of force majeure in our factories in Europe or in the ports of origin or destination, an order may be delayed. In that case, our customer service department will contact you to inform you about the new delivery date.

All import duties on products shipped to destinations other than the continental United States, such as fees, taxes, customs brokerage, additional charges and other expenses related to the entry of the order into these territories are the responsibility of the customer.If necessary, we will put you in contact with our customs broker in the country of destination so that he can help you with the preparation of the documents you will need in order to complete the requirements for product importation. Free shipping within the continental United States does not include special customer requests such as: Interior delivery, reshipping when the customer misses a scheduled delivery, reshipping to another address not originally specified in the order, or storage due to a delay in receiving a delivery. Additional charges by the transportation company not specified in the original order to will be billed to the customer. In the event that the order is returned to due to negligence on the part of the customer, all expenses including those of free shipping will be charged to the customer. These costs will be deducted from the refund of the value of the returned order.


At the time of order confirmation, you will receive an email with instructions for correctly inspecting your order when it is delivered.


  • Inspect all boxes you receive before signing the receipt.
  • If you see exterior damage on some of the boxes, the nature of the damage must be noted on the Bill of Lading.
  • If the box is completely damaged, you must reject delivery, noting “Rejected due to damage” on the Bill of Lading. If the transporter does not give you adequate time to inspect the order, please note on the Bill of Lading: “Transporter did not permit inspection.”
  • If you detect merchandise with defects or damage, you must report it to Hispaniahome within 48 hours of receipt. If during the delivery inspection damages to packaging were not noted on the Bill of Lading, the customer is responsible for all costs related to the substitution of the damaged product. Incidents of damage reported after 48 hours will incur in Hispania Home not be held responsible for the damages, thus nor replacement nor refund will be processed.
  • When a product damaged during transportation is a product that is in stock, it will be substituted within 7 days. If it is a special order, the period for substitution may take up to 12 weeks from the time the incident was reported.
  • If you detect a product missing from the items listed on your invoice and the Bill of Lading, please note the reference of the item not received on the Bill of Lading.